2019 FSBPA Annual Conference

Award Information



The 2019 Awards will be presented during the Annual Awards Banquet on Thursday evening, September 19th. The Awards Committee is looking for specific activities and accomplishments of your nominee rather than general background.  On a separate page, state why your nominee should be considered, listing specific reasons or accomplishments. Attach supportive materials which you believe merit consideration for an award. Please email your nomination form (award nomination form) and supporting materials to mail@fsbpa.com.

Award Categories

Stan Tait & Deborah Flack Award
For truly outstanding contributions in the preservation of Florida's beaches over a period of many years. These contributions may be for political, administrative, scientific, engineering or environmental achievements. This is FSBPA's highest award, named after the long-time leader of FSBPA. Non-Floridians are eligible.

Per Bruun Distinguished Service Award
For significant contributions in the cause of beach preservation. Unlike the Stan Tait Award, this can be awarded for a single noteworthy project or accomplishment. Non-Floridians are eligible. This award is named after the first Director of Coastal Engineering, University of Florida and founder of FSBPA in 1957.

Bob Dean Coastal Research Award
For outstanding research into beach and coastal processes which contributes to improved beach management.  This award is named after the University of Florida distinguished research professor and FSBPA’s Chair Emeritus.

Jim Purpura/T.Y. Chiu Engineering Award
For outstanding contribution to coastal engineering that enhances beach preservation. The award may be in recognition of innovative scientific research or for long excellence and contributions in coastal engineering. Non-Floridians are eligible. This award is named after the two scientists who pioneered Florida's coastal construction control line program.

The Richard E. Bonner Award
Recognizing outstanding service by an individual representing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Local Government Award
For a local government official who has contributed significantly to beach preservation and enhancement. Only Floridians are eligible.

Legislative Award
To the state or national lawmaker who has provided outstanding policy leadership in terms of beach management funding or other program support for managing our beaches.

Environmental Award
For outstanding contributions toward protection of the coastal environment.

Member of the Year Award
To a member of FSBPA, for outstanding service to the association.

Public Service Award
To a public employee whose service reflects admirably on the governmental sector, specifically in the area of beach management.

Ralph Sexton Private Citizen Award
For a private citizen who has made a significant contribution to the cause of beach preservation in Florida. Only Floridians are eligible.



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